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Physical Therapy




Physical Sports Therapy, Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Every Orthopaedic Associates office has a full time therapy gym and professionals on-site to help you return to your desired level of activity, one step at a time. Through a collaboration with ProgressiveHealth, a national trusted Physical Therapy firm, we can offer patients the convenience of OA Therapy with the trusted expertise of physical therapy professionals and trainers. Patients enjoy the convenience of coming to one office for both their orthopaedic appointments and therapy visits. Because of our on-site and collaborative therapy model, your physician and your therapist can communicate directly about your care and treatment plans.

All locations are staffed by licensed physical therapists, therapy assistants, and certified athletic trainers, and are equipped with the latest technology and supplies to help you work toward regaining function.

OA Therapy Main Line: 812-437-1420

Hours of Operation for all Therapy locations: M-F 7am-4:30pm

OA Therapy at OA-Downtown: 812-437-1432
OA Therapy at OA-West: 812-437-1433
OA Therapy at OA-Henderson: 812-437-1434
ProgressiveHealth Therapy, onsite at OA-East/Newburgh: 812-858-2121

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