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Meal Delivery:

*We have partnered with Perfectly Fresh to provide you with delicious meals so you won’t have to worry about cooking during your initial recovery period.  Our staff will assist you in selecting which meals you want, place the order and deliver the meals to your home.  Both lunch and dinner options are available.  Menus are available upon request.  This service comes at an additional cost.  If interested please call or text 812-424-9291 for more details. 


* Visits include 2 times a week for 2 weeks for a fee of $500. Each additional week is $250. There is a 2-week minimum but no limit to how many weeks can be purchased.

Service Area:

*Up to 15 miles outside of Evansville at no additional cost (within the green circle).

*16-20 miles outside of Evansville with an additional cost of $100 (within the yellow circle). Anything outside this area we are unable to serve.

Service Area

For additional information and pricing call 812-424-9291

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