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If you’re recovering from orthopaedic surgery or a broken bone, at home services can help you around the house and speed up your recovery. At Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, the experienced providers offer various mobile services, including help with activities like daily living, meal delivery, and more. To make an appointment at the office in Henderson, Kentucky, or one of the offices in Newburgh or Evansville, Indiana, call the nearest location or use the online booking feature today.

Home Services Q & A

What are home services?

If you need at home services, your Orthopaedic Associates physician comes to the patient. The goal of home services is to speed up the recovery process following orthopedic surgery or a musculoskeletal injury. Specifically, your provider helps with daily activities and monitors your treatment progress. 

What home services are provided?

The providers at Orthopaedic Associates offer several types of home services, including:

Meal planning and delivery

During recovery, activities like snack and meal prep are especially challenging. Orthopaedic Associates partners with Perfectly Fresh to deliver healthy, pre-prepared meals right to your door. 

Perfectly Fresh has a lunch and dinner menu. Your provider at Orthopaedic Associates can provide you with a menu and help you order meals. The meal delivery service costs extra. Call or text (812) 424-9291 to learn more.

Postoperative support

After surgery, it takes time for your body to heal. During the recovery process, it’s normal to experience aches and pains as well as mobility challenges. Your at home service provider coordinates care with your surgeon to ensure your recovery is quick, effective, and as comfortable as possible. 

How much do home services cost?

At Orthopaedic Associates, enrolling in home services costs $500 for two weeks of treatment. Your provider visits your home twice a week.

Orthopaedic Associates requires all people to sign up for a two-week minimum. After that, it’s $250 per additional week.

Where are home services provided?

Orthopaedic Associates offers home services at its office in Evansville, Indiana. People who live within a 15-mile radius of the Evansville practice can receive at home services for a flat rate of $500. If you live between 16-20 miles outside of Evansville, your provider charges an extra $100.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of at home services, make an appointment at Orthopaedic Associates by calling the nearest office or using the online scheduling feature today.