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Hip Pain Specialist

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Your hip is a large weight-bearing joint prone to injuries and overuse conditions that lead to hip pain. The trusted group at Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, with five locations throughout Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky, has the training and skills to diagnose and treat all types of hip pain. To find out what’s causing your hip discomfort, call the office in Henderson, Kentucky, or one of the offices in Newburgh or Evansville, Indiana, or book an appointment online today.

Hip Pain Q & A

What is hip pain?

Hip pain includes any discomfort you feel in or around your hip joint. The location of your hip pain may determine the cause of your discomfort. 

Pain in the hip joint or groin usually means the problem is with the joint itself, while pain outside the hip or in the upper leg or buttocks means the pain may be due to the ligaments, muscles, and tendons that keep the joint together. 

What causes hip pain?

Your hip is a ball-and-socket joint that connects your femur to your pelvis. This mobile weight-bearing joint helps you flex, extend, and rotate your legs and pelvis. Any disease or injury that affects the structure or function of your hip may cause pain.

Some of the hip pain conditions treated at Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, include:

  • Avascular necrosis (bone death from lack of blood supply)
  • Bursitis
  • Fractures
  • Muscle strain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Perthes disease (a hip disorder that affects children)
  • Slipped capital femoral epiphysis (problem with hip development in teens)
  • Snapping hip (feeling or hearing a snapping sensation in the hip when moving)
  • Strains
  • Labral tear of the hip
  • Tendonitis

You may also develop hip pain from a condition not related to your hip, such as sciatica, a nerve pain condition caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. 

How is hip pain diagnosed?

Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, conducts a thorough history and physical when you come in with concerns about hip pain. Your provider asks detailed questions about your symptoms, including the location and type of pain you feel.

Your provider performs a physical exam, paying close attention to the movement and strength of your hip joint. They order diagnostic services, such as X-rays or orthopaedic ultrasonography, to evaluate the hip and determine the right diagnosis.

How is hip pain treated?

Treatment for hip pain depends on the cause. However, Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, takes a conservative approach to care, using medical interventions when possible to help you get relief.

Initial treatment for hip pain may include:

  • Activity modification
  • On-site physical therapy
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Use of medical assistive devices (walker or crutches)
  • Joint injections

When conservative medical care fails to ease your hip pain, Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, may recommend surgery. The type of surgery you need depends on your diagnosis. However, Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, has physicians with fellowship training in joint replacement. 

Joint replacement surgery may be needed for hip pain from degenerative conditions like arthritis.

Whether you’re seeking conservative care or surgery for your hip pain, Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, can help. Call the office nearest you or schedule a consultation using the online booking tool today. 

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