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Lumbar Disc Replacement

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Low back pain is a common problem. When conservative care fails to provide relief, spine surgery may be something you consider. With advances in surgical tools and techniques, the spine surgeons at Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, perform lumbar total disc replacement for patients with chronic low back pain. To find out more about lumbar total disc replacement, call the office in Henderson, Kentucky, or one of the offices in Newburgh or Evansville, Indiana, or use the online booking tool today.

Lumbar Disc Replacement Q & A

What is the lumbar spine?

The lumbar spine, or lower back, is the bottom portion of your spine, located just below your ribs and above your buttocks. This part of your spine is made up of five vertebrae, each separated by an intervertebral disc that cushions the bones and acts as a shock absorber.

The lumbar spine supports most of the weight of your upper body and helps you bend and twist your waist.

The structure and function of your lumbar spine make it vulnerable to injuries and diseases that cause pain. This includes herniated discs and degenerative disc disease (DDD), which are conditions that affect the intervertebral discs in the spine. 

These disc problems are common causes of lower back pain. 

What is lumbar disc replacement?

Lumbar total disc replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces your damaged intervertebral disc with an artificial disc. This surgery restores the structure and function of your lumbar spine, easing pain. 

Traditionally, spinal fusion is the surgical procedure for the treatment of DDD. During this surgery, surgeons remove the damaged discs and fuse the vertebral bones to minimize movement. 

Spinal fusion reduces pain but limits movement. Lumbar total disc replacement reduces pain without limiting movement. 

Am I a candidate for lumbar disc replacement?

Your spine surgeon at Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, determines if you’re a candidate for lumbar total disc replacement. You may be a candidate for the procedure if you have chronic low back pain from disc-related problems without significant spine compression or facet joint disease.

What happens during lumbar disc replacement?

Your spine surgeon at Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, customizes your lumbar total disc replacement procedure based on your needs and reviews the details at your pre-surgical visit. 

In general, disc replacement procedures take up to three hours. During the procedure, your spine surgeon removes your damaged disc and replaces it with an artificial device. 

In most cases, surgeons gain access to the damaged disc through your abdomen to limit the risk of damage to the spinal nerves. 

Following surgery, you may need to spend 1-3 days in the hospital during your initial recovery. However, your surgeon encourages movement as soon as possible to assist in the rehabilitation process.

Recovery from lumbar total disc replacement may take several weeks, and you should notice improvements in back pain and movement during this period.

To find out more about lumbar total disc replacement, call Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, or schedule an appointment online today.