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Spine Surgery Specialist

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If chronic back or neck pain doesn’t respond to conservative treatments, consider spine surgery. At Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, the surgeons regularly perform spine surgery, including traditional open procedures and minimally invasive techniques. To make an appointment at the office in Henderson, Kentucky, or one of the offices in Newburgh or Evansville, Indiana, call the nearest location or use the online booking feature today.

Spine Surgery Q & A

What is spine surgery?

Spine surgery refers to a group of procedures that treat issues affecting your neck or back. During spine surgery, your Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, provider uses special tools to repair damage to your hard or soft tissues caused by injury, disease, or general wear and tear. 

Most types of neck and back pain respond well to at-home treatments like ice, rest, and anti-inflammatory medication. Still, if your symptoms persist or prevent you from work and other routine activities, don't wait to seek professional help. 

What are some common types of spine surgery?

The expert surgeons at Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, offer various types of spine surgery, including:

  • Spinal fusion
  • Laminectomy (A treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis)
  • Foraminotomy (Surgery to relieve pain caused by a compressed nerve)
  • Discectomy (Surgery to remove a herniated or bulging disc)
  • Disc replacement (Surgery to replace a disc with an artificial prosthesis)

The surgeons at Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, also offer interlaminar implants, implantable divides that ease pressure on the nerves in your lower back.

Who is a candidate for spine surgery?

Before recommending spine surgery, your Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, provider reviews your medical history and asks about your symptoms, including when they started, if they extend to other parts of your body, and if they’re persistent or only occur on occasion.

Next, your provider conducts a complete physical. During the exam, they check your strength, range of motion, and posture. They might also order X-rays, a CT scan, or an MRI to rule out issues like herniated discs, fractured vertebrae, or spinal stenosis.

After making a diagnosis, your provider develops a treatment plan. Whenever possible, the providers at Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, recommend conservative treatments, like injections, physical therapy, or rest. If your symptoms persist or get worse, you may qualify for surgical intervention.

What does spine surgery involve?

Spine surgery occurs at a hospital or a special surgical facility. To ensure your comfort throughout the procedure, your surgeon administers general anesthesia that puts you to sleep. 

No two spine surgeries are exactly alike, but the concept is always similar. Once the anesthesia sets in, your provider uses special tools to remove diseased or damaged tissue or make repairs. If you have a complex injury, like a fracture, they might also insert plates, pins, or rods into your back to hold the bone together and speed up your body’s healing process. 

The length of your procedure depends on the type of surgery, but most operations finish within 2-3 hours. Following surgery, you’re moved to a recovery room for observation. 

To see if you can benefit from spine surgery, make an appointment at Orthopaedic Associates, Inc, by calling the nearest office or using the online booking feature today. 

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