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Workers Compensation Services, Physical Therapy, Orthopedics

Reducing Recordable Incidents.  Reducing Health Care Costs.  Increasing Patient Outcomes.  At Orthopaedic Associates, our goals are to prevent injury events from happening and to effectively manage workplace injuries when they do occur.

In Office Services

Did you know that sprains, strains are tears are the leading work-related injuries that result in lost work days?  OA offers on-site evaluation and care of work related injuries, allowing employees a faster return to full duty and a more health conscious workplace.

  • Injury evaluation and treatment
  • Second opinions
  • IMEs
  • MMI assessments
  • PPI ratings
  • Evaluations for permanent restrictions (FCE results)
  • MRO services (evaluation of drug screen results)
  • Causation evaluations (could fall to IME)

On-Site Services

  • Preventative
    • Consulting
    • Injury Prevention Education
    • Work-site walk-throughs
    • Ergonomic Analysis
    • Pre-employment Screenings
    • Health and wellness education
    • Human Performance analysis
  • Injury Management
    • Assessments and evaluations
    • Return to work conditioning
    • Causation assessments
    • On-site rehab
    • Ergonomic corrections
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