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Early Signs of Joint Problems and What To Do About Them

man holding knee with joint pain

Joint health is vital to living an active, pain free lifestyle. Joint problems are often overlooked and action is not taken until symptoms such as pain and immobility have already manifested in a major way. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Minor tweaks to your lifestyle are sometimes all it takes to prevent pain, inflammation, and sometimes joint replacements. Below, you’ll read on how to identify the early signs of joint problems, and what to do if you find yourself already dealing with them.

How Do I Know If My Pain Is Caused By My Joints?

Joint pain can look very different based on a variety of factors- age, family history, medical history, and more. Generally though, joint pain can appear as one or many of the following:

Of course, only a medical professional can diagnose your pain as a joint problem, so find your nearest orthopaedic or joint replacement specialist if you think your pain could be related to a joint problem. 

Habits for Healthy Joints

Experiencing one or many of these symptoms is uncomfortable at best, and excruciatingly painful at worst. Identifying your joint pain can help you seek conservative treatment, and if necessary, more invasive care. However, preventative care is always the first defense against joint injury and deterioration. Below are a few easily implemented habits that can help save your joint health.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and even after taking precautions, joint pain can still happen. But, just because you couldn’t prevent it, doesn’t mean you can’t treat it. 

How to Treat Mild Joint Pain

If you find yourself experiencing very mild or occasional joint pain, there are some simple solutions that may help relieve or eliminate the discomfort. 

Once again, this list isn’t extensive, and visiting a joint specialist is the best way to efficiently and effectively find a solution to your pain. 

When Should I See A Joint Replacement Specialist?

Unfortunately, even with preventative measures and conservative solutions, mild joint pain can deteriorate into chronic pain, affecting your daily activities and sometimes hindering them completely. Going to a professional is a great way to get some help with your joint issues. Different sports medicine doctors and therapists can help you to get back to your life without the need for a surgery. Physical Therapists can help you create a stretching and exercise plan that can ease the pain around your joints, increase mobility, and strengthen the surrounding muscles. A Sports Medicine Physician may also be able to help you in your journey to managing your pain. A total joint replacement is often the last line of resort when a patient has a serious issue, but they can be some of the most pain relieving and overall beneficial. Joint replacement specialists are surgeons who specialize in assessing joint injuries and performing surgery to remedy the issue. They may also perform arthroscopies- a more minimal surgery performed to remedy issues with bones and joints. A joint replacement or surgery may be your best option if all other forms of treatment haven’t worked for you; you and your doctor will have to consult and decide if this is the best option for your individualized issue. 

What Joint Replacement Specialist Should I See?

At Orthopaedic Associates, our physicians and surgeons are highly skilled and specialize in a variety of areas, including joint replacement and sports medicine. With their expertise, we’ll be able to place you with a doctor and provide a care plan. With several locations around the Evansville, Newburgh, and Henderson areas, one of our orthopaedic specialists can help you get back to your lifestyle. 

Visit us at one of our locations:

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