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VR in Orthopaedics: Why Practices Have to Keep Technology Cutting Edge

girl wearing vx therapy headset, virtual reality headset for orthopaedic pain management

Orthopaedic Associates has begun implementing a new, state of the art technology for orthopaedic pain management called Vx Therapy: a virtual reality headset that has the ability to significantly decrease pain for orthopaedic patients, eliminate or lessen the need for strong prescription drugs, and decrease anxiety and depression in recovering patients. The Vx Therapy is new and exciting, but why do we need to develop technology like this?


New Technology in Orthopaedic Pain Management

The world of medicine is constantly evolving, developing, and producing the most innovative solutions to the most complex problems. Similarly, doctors are constantly learning about changes in orthopaedics. Vx Therapy is a perfect example of how new technology is improving the quality of patients’ lives. You can read about the details of how Vx Therapy works and how it's implemented in our practice on Harvard MedTech’s website, the company who developed this technology.

Home - Harvard MedTech

It’s common knowledge that prescription drugs are used to relieve pain for patients with a variety of orthopaedic issues. While this method is tried and true for many, it’s so important as technology develops that practices are trying new methods and implementing them quickly. At Orthopaedic Associates, we’ve implemented Vx Therapy as a means of pain management technology because it’s new, backed by science and research, and has the potential to eliminate the necessity for powerful, highly addictive prescriptions in some cases. Researching new orthopaedic technology and implementing it as it’s created puts our patients at the forefront of the best care in orthopaedics. If practices aren’t trying the newest technology, then how can it benefit anyone? Staying current with medical developments gives Orthopaedic Associates the opportunity to help patients more effectively, efficiently, and with less risk. 


Why Try New Medical Technology?

In short, just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s the best solution out there! Developing and trying new technology is the best way to achieve the best results. In orthopaedics, issues and problems are constantly surfacing, and modern solutions are necessary for modern problems! The goal for every practice is to provide the best care possible. Trying new, innovative orthopaedic technology brings doctors closer and closer every day to being able to do that!


Check out another amazing innovation Orthopaedic Associates has implemented into knee replacement technology!


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