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Kinsly Heichelbech

All-State centerfielder battles her way back to the field

Kinsly Heichelbech, far right, takes the field with her team before their game against Apollo at Tecumseh High School Thursday afternoon, April 14, 2022. Kinsly's walker feet sport tennis balls decorated to look like softballs.
May 16th, 2022
orthopaedic practice front desk

Workplace Culture: What's It Like At OA?

The culture and feeling of a workplace is a major part of the success and happiness of its employees. Liking your job is great, but it's even better to like the environment and people around you too.
Aug 29th, 2022
man holding knee with joint pain

Early Signs of Joint Problems and What To Do About Them

Joint health is vital to living an active, pain free lifestyle. Joint problems are often overlooked and action is not taken until symptoms such as pain and immobility have already manifested in a major way. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.
Aug 22nd, 2022
woman gardening with words overlayed Tenex Health TX Helps Relieve Pain at the Source to Promote Healing

Tenex Health TX® System

Minimally invasive technology used to treat chronic tendon and plantar fascia disease at its source.
Aug 15th, 2022
trauma and emergency room sign outside of building

Where to Go: Orthopaedic Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

Broken bones, sprains, dislocations, and other serious injuries happen to everyone. When those injuries happen suddenly, it’s hard to know where to go or who to call! Your first thought might be to rush to an emergency room, but there might be a faster, be
Aug 1st, 2022

Employee Spotlight - Meet Jacob!

The first smile you typically see walking in our East office is Jacob. He began with Orthopaedic Associates as an intern in 2017.
May 4th, 2022

Employee Spotlight - Meet Jacqueline!

Orthopaedic Associates is fortunate to have Site Supervisor, Pre-Authorization Team Leader, and Credentialing Coordinator Jacqueline for over 7 years.
Apr 20th, 2022

Employee Spotlight - Meet Spicey!

Spicey has been with Orthopaedic Associates for 3 months now as a DME (durable medical equipment) Specialist. Spicy discussed her favorite part of working at OA so far is how she’s able to help and assist patients DME needs. 
Apr 8th, 2022

Post-Operation Tips for Successful Recovery

Operations tend to intimidate patients. Many worry about post-operation recovery i.e. the severity of pain a patient could experience or how long recovery could last.
Mar 30th, 2022

Sudden Injury: ER or Immediate Ortho Care?

Life is full of unplanned events - injuries being a common one! Rather if missing a step that leads to a hard fall, or a young all-star dislocating something during game time, injuries occur.
Mar 18th, 2022

OA Covering OVC Tournament

Orthopaedic Associates is proud to staff the sports medicine coverage for the 2022 Ohio Valley Conference Men and Women Basketball Tournament.
Mar 4th, 2022
There’s A Cyst On My Wrist

There’s A Cyst On My Wrist

Your grandparents probably called them “Bible cysts” and “cured” them by whacking them with a large book, but ganglion cysts are the most common hand mass seen in orthopaedics accounting for 60-70% of patients.
Jul 1st, 2019
Tennis Elbow; Serious Condition Or Just Seriously Annoying?

Tennis Elbow; Serious Condition Or Just Seriously Annoying?

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is one of the most common causes for elbow symptoms in patients with elbow pain and affects 1-3% of adults annually. It’s most commonly seen in tennis players (hence the name) but can also be brought on by heavy...
May 30th, 2019
Orthopaedic Associates Names Clinical Operations Officer

Orthopaedic Associates Names Clinical Operations Officer

Evansville, Indiana – Orthopaedic Associates announces the promotion of Derek Shelton, APRN-BC to Clinical Operations Officer. Shelton has been with Orthopaedic Associates for eight years as a Nurse Practitioner, and brings with him...
Feb 7th, 2019
Good To Know – Deaconess Drug Take-back Program

Good To Know – Deaconess Drug Take-Back Program

From time to time, our providers get questions about what to do with expired or unused medications. Our friends at Deaconess offer a drug take-back program for patients, employees and the community.
Jan 30th, 2019
Orthopaedic Care Of Degenerative Disc Disease

Orthopaedic Care Of Degenerative Disc Disease

Many patients diagnosed with degenerative disc disease are left wondering exactly what this diagnosis means for them. Common questions that patients have include: If I have degenerative disc disease as a young person, will it get worse with age?
Jan 23rd, 2019
Treating Joint Pain – What To Do And When To See A Doctor

Treating Joint Pain – What To Do And When To See A Doctor

If you’re experiencing pain in any joint—your knee, ankle, shoulder, hip, etc.—you need to know how to best treat it at home. It’s also important to know when it’s time to see a doctor. Each day at Orthopaedic Associates, I help patients with joint pain.
Dec 5th, 2018
Orthopaedic Associates Hires New Surgeons

Orthopaedic Associates Hires New Surgeons

Evansville, Indiana – Orthopaedic Associates announced that Aaron B. Mull, MD and Braden K. Jones, MD have joined the group of orthopaedic specialty providers with six offices in the greater Evansville, Indiana area. Drs. Mull and Jones ...
Oct 23rd, 2018
Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Kids love Halloween. Pumpkins, spooky decorations, costumes, and trick-or-treating are fun for kids of all ages. Unfortunately, there is a downside to Halloween activities: Children often get hurt.
Oct 16th, 2018
Anterior Hip Replacements

Anterior Hip Replacements

Hip replacements are a highly effective and efficient way to treat arthritis of the hip, either from wear and tear or from the effects of trauma. Hip replacement has been around for several decades and has proven to be a quality way to alleviate pain...
Sep 28th, 2018
Conservative Treatments For Joint Pain

Conservative Treatments For Joint Pain

Experiencing joint pain? Surgery is not your only option. There are many conservative (non-surgical) options that can provide significant relief from joint pain.
Sep 21st, 2018
Weekend Warrior To Total Knee

Weekend Warrior To Total Knee

You inherit the durability of the articular cartilage – the smooth gliding surface that coats the end of all bones that form a joint. We do not fully understand this lack of durability, but we see a family history of multiple family members that...
Sep 17th, 2018
Two New Doctors Join Orthopaedic Associates

Two New Doctors Join Orthopaedic Associates

Evansville, Indiana – Two new Orthopaedic physicians are practicing in the Evansville region as Orthopaedic Associates (OA) continues a growing trend. Just three months after opening Immediate Ortho Care at the Orthopedic and Neuroscience Hospital...
Aug 16th, 2018
Orthopaedic Associates Hires Two Surgeons

Orthopaedic Associates Hires Two Surgeons

Evansville, IN – Orthopaedic Associates proudly welcomes two new fellowship trained surgeons, Phillip Richardson, DPM and Charlotte Orr, MD, to the practice. Dr. Richardson is a reconstructive podiatric surgeon and will see patients for foot and...
Sep 21st, 2017

Joint Replacement FAQS

When someone is considering joint replacement, many questions come to mind about what to expect from the overall process—before surgery, during the hospital stay, and afterwards.
Jul 28th, 2017
Join Us For A Starlite Block Party On Saturday, May 20th

Join Us For A Starlite Block Party On Saturday, May 20th

HENDERSON, KY – The Starlite Drive businesses are hosting their second annual Block Party on Saturday, May 20th from 10:00 a.m. until 12 noon. The community is invited to visit each of the businesses located on Starlite Drive,...
May 10th, 2017

Weeks 12 And 13 – River Run Ambassadors

Countdown has begun for race day as we gradually get closer and closer to May 6th. This past week my after work schedule consistent of some sort of sporting event and I knew I would not get my chance to train so instead, I made the decision to utilize...
May 3rd, 2017

Week 11 Training – River Run Ambassadors

Well it was a holiday weekend and didn’t make ANY progress on running, unless you count running around with a 4 year old grandson. We had fun but nothing that would qualify as a “distance”.
Apr 24th, 2017

Week 10 Training – River Run Ambassadors

Last week, my blog was absent…that’s because I was in vacation last week. We went on a Disney Cruise and I managed to work in two runs while we were gone. The first one was along Coco Beach and the other was aboard the Disney Dream.
Apr 17th, 2017

Week 9 Training – River Run Ambassadors

Week 9. D*MN foot injury!! Well slid back a bit on timing, went to an 18 minute mile but I’m creeping back to a 16 minute mile depending where I am at (gym or park).
Apr 5th, 2017

Week 8 Training – River Run Ambassadors

I started out this past week by using the urgent care at OA for some pain in my left hip. Ever since the Run of Luck last Saturday, I have had a clicking sensation in my hip, as well as lot of pain. I couldn’t hardly walk on Saturday night after the ...
Mar 29th, 2017

Week 7 Training – River Run Ambassadors

Congratulations to everyone who finished the Run-of-Luck, presented by Orthopaedic Associates! You can find full results here. Read below to hear stories from our River Run Ambassadors!
Mar 23rd, 2017

Week 6 Training – River Run Ambassadors

This flu season has not been a joke. With continued frustration and sickness I attempted to work out on Tuesday morning with Tia at Bob’s gym. I was able to stay motivated for an hour, but my body paid the price the next couple of days as punishment.
Mar 15th, 2017

Week 5 Training – River Run Ambassadors

Whenever I run, I keep a little internal dialog going…”OK, make it to the next X and you can stop”…oh I made it to X…”OK, make it to Y and you can stop.”
Mar 7th, 2017

River Run Ambassador – Meet Katie

Now, if I’m being honest here…the thing that caught my interest the most about joining the River Run Ambassador team, was the free pair of shoes from Orthopaedic Associates. I mean, who can pass that up, am I right?!
Mar 1st, 2017

Week 4 Training – River Run Ambassadors

Now, if I’m being honest here…the thing that caught my interest the most about joining the River Run Ambassador team, was the free pair of shoes from Orthopaedic Associates. I mean, who can pass that up, am I right?!
Mar 1st, 2017

Week 3 Training – River Run Ambassadors

This week has been full and interesting. At Taekwondo this week, I worked hard and caught up to my son in our form. I still have a little more to learn before we test for our next belt in a few weeks.
Feb 21st, 2017

Week 2 Training- River Run Ambassadors

Over the past week I decided to slow my pace down to prevent further injury by running a couple miles a few times in the past week and adding other exercises to my work-out regimen.
Feb 14th, 2017

Meet The OA Team, 2017 River Run Ambassadors

Orthopaedic Associates is a proud title sponsor of the 2017 River Run, and we’re even prouder of our three River Run Ambassadors. These three ladies have committed to training and crossing the finish line together in May.
Feb 7th, 2017

Orthopaedic Associates PA Receives National Recognition

Evansville, IN – Travis Farhar, PA-C, of Henderson, KY recently earned a specialty credential called a Certificate of Added Qualifications (CAQ) in Orthopaedic Surgery from the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA).
Dec 6th, 2016

Orthopaedic Associates Announces New Trauma Surgeon

Evansville, IN – Orthopaedic Associates is pleased to welcome trauma surgeon Isaac W. Fehrenbacher, MD to the practice. Dr. Fehrenbacher will see patients at Orthopaedic Associates office in downtown Evansville, on Read Street.
Aug 23rd, 2016

Starlite Drive Businesses To Hold Block Party On Saturday

Henderson, KY – Several local businesses will host a Block Party on Starlite Drive this Saturday from 10:00 a.m.– 12:00 p.m. The Starlite Drive Block Party will include giveaways, educational events, demonstrations and free treats for all.
Apr 20th, 2016