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Employee Spotlight - Meet Jacqueline!

Orthopaedic Associates is fortunate to have Site Supervisor, Pre-Authorization Team Leader, and Credentialing Coordinator Jacqueline for over 7 years. She is a great example that there is opportunity for professional growth with the list of positions she's held and currently holds. These positions include: Intake, Scribe, Assistant Site Supervisor, Site Supervisor, Credentialing Coordinator and Pre-Authorization Team Leader. Jacqueline says even when she finds herself busy with work tasks, she loves what she does and never dreads coming to work.

 Jacqueline's message to potential hires: "Orthopaedic Associates is unlike any other place I've ever worked. They care about their staff on a personal level, have competitive pay with bonus opportunities and great benefits. They're great at evolving with the current market to stay relevant, have multiple shift options to fit your needs and there's potential for career advancement. Some of our emplooyees have have been here for 15-20+ years because it's a great place to work and build a career!"

  Jacqueline explained when COVID-19 caused a global lockdown, her daughter's school went to virtual learning while she was obligated to report to work. Orthopaedic Associates was flexible with her work hours and allowed her to the necessary time she needed to be home with her daughter for virtual schoolwork. "Having to chose my job over caring for my kids was never a concern because OA made it easy for me to figure out a solution. They also offer many support resources to their employees, often times at no additional cost. Resources include confidential emotional support, work-life solutions, legal guidance, financial resources, and will preparation."

  The practice is grateful for Jacqueline's positive energy and hard work, while always wearing a smile. Apply online today under the careers tab. 

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