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Workplace Culture: What's It Like At OA?

orthopaedic practice front desk

The culture and feeling of a workplace is a major part of the success and happiness of its employees. Liking your job is great, but it's even better to like the environment and people around you too.

At Orthopaedic Associates, our team leaders are skilled at communication, and have found it to be essential to keeping a hectic environment calm and collected. Not only do team leaders need to be in clear communication with each other, but it's crucial that they can effectively communicate with all employees.

Everyone wants to be motivated and supported in their workplace. They'll perform better and stay with the company if they are! Frequently, our team leaders are having discussions on the best way to do this. They're constantly brain storming to find the best way to motivate each individual at OA. When our employees are happy, our patients are happy too.

Communication is key to this shared goal. Without frequent discussions between team leaders and employees, problems are bound to get overlooked. OA has seen that employees want and need to be heard; their opinions and ideas are valuable and without them voicing those ideas, changes can't be made! 

It's easy to feel unheard in the workplace, but OA is constantly working to listen to and communicate with its employees.

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