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Employee Spotlight - Meet Spicey!

 Spicey has been with Orthopaedic Associates for 3 months now as a DME (durable medical equipment) Specialist. Spicy discussed her favorite part of working at OA so far is how she’s able to help and assist patients DME needs.        “Some patients I have seen before, others are new. Even though we dispense equipment based on doctor recommendations, it is still nice to help the patients and know we have made their lives easier and helped them to feel better. I also like how I am able to continue to use my skills as a COTA to assist patients with ADL/IADL questions regarding use of their DME.” 

For the short time Spicey has been part of the OA family, she did state she sees many opportunities for professional growth within the practice, clinically and administratively.  From Spicey to the next potential candidate for a job interview with Orthopaedic Associates, “ I would tell anyone who is thinking of applying to definitely apply. They are more than willing to apply appropriate training and assistance with new hires to enable them to perform to the best of their ability. They invest in their employees, which is refreshing within the medical field- such as good benefits, uniform allowance every quarter. They are always doing something within the company to increase comradery and to give back to their employees- whether by competitions within the company, lunch pitch-ins, or assisting with uniform allowance. Everything adds up to an enjoyable workplace.”

Many professionals have more titles than their title at work - parent, son/daughter, spouse, mentor and more. A common concern is if Orthopaedic Associates makes sure employees have a healthy balance between work and personal life. “I know that they would. They have employee assistance should something happen in an employee's personal life which would assist with unforeseen bills and help with the anxieties those can cause. They also assist with prior certifications, such as my occupational therapy assistant certification and continuing education.” 

Spicey added also how OA takes the time to get to understand personality types through the test they provide. “Communication is key within any and every relationship, so it is nice to know they care enough to understand the makings of a person and find ways to best relate to each other for effective communication and create an efficient work environment.”

Orthopaedic Associates is thankful for our new family member, Spicey, and the positivity and hard work she brings every day. As Spicey mentioned, apply today online at .

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