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Dr. Doug Lowery, Now Using Groundbreaking Technology For Guided Personalized Shoulder

Dr. Doug Lowery, Now Using Groundbreaking Technology For Guided Personalized Shoulder Replacement Surgeries


Evansville, Indiana – Doug Lowery MD, an orthopaedic surgeon with Orthopaedic Associates is now using new technology to offer guided personalized surgery for shoulder replacements in the area.

ExactechGPS® Guided Personalized Surgery is the latest advancement in technology that provides surgeons with real-time visual guidance and alignment data in total shoulder surgery.

Similar to a navigation device in your car, this advanced platform provides a visual map of the patient’s joint on a screen, allowing surgeons to combine preoperative planning with intraoperative computer-assisted technology, to perform implant alignment relative to the patient’s needs.

Dr. Lowery feels the technology is a great improvement over traditional techniques, stating: “A computerized plan combined with the computer-guided real-time information during surgery gives precision and accuracy to every step of the surgical process.”

ExactechGPS combines surgeon expertise with an advanced computer system to perform the patient’s shoulder surgery with a goal of improved accuracy and precision. Personalized for a patient’s unique bone structure and anatomy, ExactechGPS is designed to allow surgeons to decide where to remove bone and place the shoulder implant in the optimal position.

The technology’s preoperative planning tool allows surgeons to plan their cases in advance of the surgery through a virtual simulation. Surgeons can then execute their plan in real time during the surgery based on a 3-D anatomical model of the patient’s shoulder, making adjustments as needed.

“Shoulder navigation technology allows the surgeon to plan and implement placement of the shoulder in real time. The 3D video tracking technology allows me to precisely place the components in an optimal position which is individual for each patient.” said Dr. Lowery.

Combined with the Equinoxe® Shoulder System which has demonstrated excellent biomechanics and outcomes in its more than 10 years of use1, surgeons are able to have the best of both worlds – a proven implant foundation1 with today’s most modern surgical technologies.

Dr. Lowery has been teaching surgeons shoulder replacement techniques for over a decade in lab and lecture series across the country.  Dr. Lowery welcomes candidates for navigated shoulder technology exclusively at Orthopaedic Associates.

For more information about or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Doug Lowery, call (812) 424-9291 or visit

Additional information about the technology can be found at Orthopaedic Associates (OA) is an independently owned and operated, full-service orthopaedic center. For over 75 years, OA and its dedicated surgeons have provided comprehensive orthopaedic care–diagnosis, surgery, and rehabilitation–to residents of Southwestern Indiana and the surrounding communities.  Specialty areas include joint replacement, sports medicine, orthopaedic trauma, arthritis treatment, occupational injuries, microvascular and microneural reconstructive surgery, and arthroscopy.

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