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Employee Spotlight- Meet Ashley!

Ashley is a nurse practitioner here at Orthopaedic Associates, and has been with us since 2020! Starting out as a nurse in our Immediate OrthoCare department, she has since transitioned into her current role as a nurse practitioner. From day to day, Ashley sees both scheduled patients and walk-in patients, and she frequently works alongside Dr. Mull. 

As a healthcare professional, Ashley says she has grown since joining the OA family. “I continually grow as a professional here. There is not a day that goes by that I do not learn something new or how to be more efficient in my role here,” Ashley said.

She loves the work environment at OA and her favorite part is the family oriented atmosphere. “This organization bands together to help you in times of need,” she said about OA and all staff members. She also spoke on the care and concern OA’s employees have for each other in both her professional and personal life. “OA does a lot of local and regional outreach to help their community. Recently, my hometown of Bremen, KY was devastated by the December 11th tornado. When I got to work on that following Monday I was flooded with questions of  ‘What can we do to help?’. By the next day I was receiving donations to take to my hometown. I will forever be grateful.”

Ashley’s advice for anyone looking to join the OA family is this: “If anyone is considering applying for a job at OA, do it. I firmly believe I work with some of the best people. Everyone is kind, compassionate, willing to help and knowledgeable in their roles here.” 

We’re so thankful that Ashley is a part of our Orthopaedic Associates team, along with all of our caring providers and staff!

To find out more about OA’s staff, or to apply, visit Orthopaedic Associates, Inc: Orthopaedics: Evansville, IN & Henderson, KY (

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