Employee Spotlight - Meet Jacob!

The first smile you typically see walking in our East office is Jacob. He began with Orthopaedic Associates as an intern in 2017.  After graduation and brief experience elsewhere, has been employed as our Patient Experience Manager and Front Desk Team Lead, and “have been loving every day since”. 

Jacob enjoys most “creating and implementing real change in how we interact with our patients”. He discussed how he focuses for Orthopaedic Associates to work toward being a leader in healthcare. “Striving for excellence, professionalism, and empathy is more important now more than ever.”

Jacob also discusses how there is “ALWAYS” room for professional growth here at Orthopaedic Associates. “... you can learn from every aspect, not just healthcare but in being your own leader. I find inspiration as a leader from my team, my other leaders, and my administration.” Jacob’s message to potential candidates interested in applying: “DO IT! You’ll be happy that you did and won’t regret it”. 

He also expressed how well Orthopaedic Associates takes care of each individual employee. “Seeing others being able to be so friendly  and compassionate while knowing everything about our world of healthcare, is incredible.” 

Orthopaedic Associates is thankful for Jacob’s dedication and hard work done with a smile everyday. For more information, check out www.oaevansville.com and find the “careers” tab for open positions with Orthopaedic Associates!

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