Employee Spotlight - Meet Sarah!

From a Mom of two, to a nurse practitioner, Sarah is an important asset to our team. Sarah has been a nurse practitioner with joint replacements for four years, and a part of the OA family since 2020 as a nurse practitioner for the surgical optimization clinic.

Sarah discussed how she enjoys her interactions with each patient, as well as how she enjoys the environment of change within the practice. “If there is something that is not working within any process, it is quickly fixed. OA is always trying to improve.”

A message to potential future employees of Orthopaedic Associates from Sarah: “OA’s work environment is unlike any other place I have worked. Everyone is driven, held accountable, and rewarded for a job well done. OA cares about their employees on a personal level.”

Orthopaedic Associates is glad to have Sarah as a respected nurse practitioner. Please check our website www.oaevansville.com and find the “careers” tab to see where you can apply to be a member of the OA family.

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