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The Finish Line – River Run Ambassadors

Ruth – I Think I Might Be Runner Now, Maybe!

The Finish Line – River Run Ambassadors

The last few months have been challenging.

At first I thought “What I thinking? Me run, 10 miles?”
Then, I thought, “Oh new shoes!”
Finally I thought “Oh, I might be able to do this!”

Finding time to work in training runs and everything else, it’s hard to make space & time for yourself when you have kids, work and a busy life.


All of this culminated in the River Run 2017 this past Saturday.

Folks…I did it! I did a 10 mile run in the time frame I was hoping for.

Most of the morning, my inner monologue consisted of calling myself an idiot for attempting this run. As I got closer the end, my inner voice tried to cheer me on…in a very tired voice, but it tried.

We got rained on, we got lots of waves & honks from drivers cheering us on, we got cheers  from family & friends at the end.

The last mile I was about in tears from a sense of accomplishment, from seeing my husband & son near the finish to cheer me on, & from finishing a 10mile run!

Overall, it was a rewarding experience. The benefits far outweighed the challenges.

In fact I have already signed up for another 10 Mile run.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Nikki – The Finish Line

The Finish Line – River Run Ambassadors 1

The week leading up to race day was uneventful. I was able to go to run only one day the week prior to race day because of rain but I felt that at that point, I was either ready or I wasn’t.

I inherited a gene from my family that causes me to show up either right on time or late to any major event. I woke up early to make sure I made it to downtown Evansville before the last shuttle left for Henderson at 6:20 am. I forgot to manage my time to ensure I could find parking before the buses took off. Long story short, I finally found a parking spot (parking only half illegally) at 6:21 am and had to sprint to catch the last bus to Henderson. With my adrenaline pumping, not only did I manage to get the last bus to Henderson but I also got there just in time to line up at the starting line and to take off.

I felt great starting off, so much in fact that I was running 8 minute miles. My knee pain I had previously during training was holding off and it felt great outside (minus the rain which caused my shoes to be wet and heavy that in turn causes my R foot to blister). I spoke to Dr. Emerson and my dad prior to my race and both men were in agreement that at the 11 mile marker I would hit a wall. A wall was an understatement as the 11-12 mile marker came and went. I was feeling dehydrated, although I stopped at all the water stations, and both my knees were starting to hurt. I slowed down to a trot but ultimately I finally had to stop and walk at the 1 mile marker, my body felt like it wanted to shut down. It was shortly at that time that Claire came to my rescue. In her hands was a water bottle with just enough to give me my boost to help me cross the finish line. At the end I was discouraged, my one goal was to run non-stop and told my parents that I didn’t want to run another half marathon again. As I look back now, for someone who only got to 9 miles in training, it was a feat to accomplish 13.1 miles with the limited time I had to train between sports and me being sick twice. I also was encouraged in the fact that my pregnant sister wants to run a half marathon with me next year. I will continue to run and enter more races in the future with hopes of accomplishing more goals.

Lori – We did it!!!!

The Finish Line – River Run Ambassadors 2

Well, I did it, I survived the 10 mile run!  It was a tremendous experience!  I was really worried the week before, did NOT want to be on the bus.  When I saw the weather forecast I was even more worried.  BUT as everyone kept telling me once you are there the energy is electric, and it was. People were excited, friendly and just having fun, it you can say fun with 10 miles of road ahead of you!  I am also posting my before and after pictures of my journey.  I took the first picture at the very beginning (blonde hair and all) and the final, with metal, at the end.  This was a very challenging 15 weeks.  The training, the days at the gym were all worth it!  I achieved something I never thought I could do and believe me at one mile to go I was really wondering what the hell I was doing this for.  The volunteers and police departments who came out to close roads and be water stops were phenomenal! They cheered us on, kept us safe and hydrated.  The last water stop was playing “Eye of the Tiger”! It was awesome!  And thank you Katie for being there and cheering us on!  I know how much you wanted to do the race but injuries need time to heal and there will be other races.  Will I run another race?  Yes, absolutely, in fact Ruth and I have signed up for a 10 miler in Owensboro on June 17.  I’m giving myself one more day of rest and then back to the gym. 

The Finish Line – River Run Ambassadors 3

I want to thank everyone at OA for their support, OA for giving me this opportunity to be in this race and being a happier, healthier person. Here are the photos from Saturday, my GPS put me at 11 miles (I’ll take that) and my time was better that I’ve done in the past.  Thank you all again!!


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